BetRite Sports was just average on our eight Friday NBA plays (4-4 and -.4 units) but we feel very confident about how we are analyzing these games!  For Saturday's NBA we currently have 6 NBA All Access Premium Plays available now!


BetRite NBA/NCAA Lines will be posted each day by 11:00 am ET.  Check them against the Current Odds to see which games have line value!

BetRite NBA Lines

04/17   4:45 pm Utah Jazz  -6.5 AT   Los Angeles Lakers   6.5 216
04/17   8:15 pm Detroit Pistons   4.5 AT   Washington Wizards  -4.5 228.5
04/17   8:15 pm Cleveland Cavaliers   1 AT   Chicago Bulls  -1 212.5
04/17   8:45 pm Golden State Warriors   4.5 AT   Boston Celtics  -4.5 227.5
04/17   9:15 pm Memphis Grizzlies   8.5 AT   Milwaukee Bucks  -8.5 236.5
04/17   10:15 pm San Antonio Spurs   9 AT   Phoenix Suns  -9 228

Note: When comparing the BetRite Lines to the current betting line, look for at least a 1.5 point difference in the game total and at least a 1 point difference in the pointspread to have sufficient line value (does not account for game-time key player availability). BetRite Lines are created from the BetRite Value Index Team Power Ratings.




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